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Very Big Squirrel

Road Tripping and the Atlas Obscura

The exhausted, vitamin D deficient, despondent crawl through the end of winter always finds me daydreaming of Road Trips.

My fantasies usually include hot bright days spent in shorts and tank tops with sunshine playing hide and seek through the leaves, bumpy side roads, and surprise diners with home made pie. I could go on for a thousand words, but we’re only half way through February – full blown road trip fantasies only leave me blue this far from Spring.

What I do like to do in the short grey days of winter is curate my huge folder of road trip ideas: unique little places to stay, fine examples of diner art, people front yard geodesic domes, forgotten space capsules marking hamburger joints, and always my favorite Рthe beloved roadside attraction.

The Atlas Obscura website has given me copious material for filing, sorting and daydreaming this winter.

Added to the “world’s biggest” file this morning is Ms. Pearl – the world’s largest squirrel sculpture in Cedar Creek, Texas. Can’t wait to meet her!

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