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Everyday Art

I have an ongoing, seemingly unwinnable battle with the concept of One Art, Every Day.

I believe wholeheartedly in the ideas behind the practice:

  • Art Every Day builds a rhythm, a habit, a practice of making art, craft, design or whatever form your creativity takes – which then builds a momentum of its own.
  • Art Every Day slowly erodes reliance on an unreliable and capricious Muse, the mysterious visitation of Inspiration, or the frustrating anticipation of Motivation.
  • Art Every Day builds confidence that you can create regardless of mood, location or environment – it makes your creativity stronger than all of those.
  • Art Every Day batters and eventually knocks down the stubborn walls of perfectionism – showing you that good, fine, and just plain finished have value that in different circumstances, can equal the value of perceived perfection.

Art Every Day has all that going for it and more – so why am I not doing it?

After striking out all the easy answers: not enough time, not enough energy, not enough inspiration – I think it comes down to being overwhelmed by the size of the commitment. If I take it on, surely I will fail, therefore committing is equal to failure. Again. And, logically, committing to failure seems like a dumb idea.

Since the benefits of Art Every Day are so appealing – I’ve decided to call a truce in my circular battle of wills – and create a new territory that requires no battle at all – I think I’ll call it – Art Almost Every Day. Or perhaps Art Most Days. Or better, just: Everyday Art.

That’s my solution to a mental battle I never needed to fight, and hopefully, the beginning of a strong creative practice.
I’d love to hear your thoughts about, or approaches to making Art Every Day – even better, I’d love to see some.

The portfolio of my Everyday Arts can be found here.


Today’s art used my photo and fabric textures from the Coffee Shop Blog here 🙂

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